How to Destroy Life on Earth

January 11, 2014 at 1:25 am (By Realpc)

We have all known for a long time that our species is endangering the earth. Well maybe not everyone agrees, but it seems pretty obvious. We throw megatons of garbage into the oceans, burn gasoline constantly, etc. How much of that could any planet stand?

We also have known for decades that any time a war breaks out, someone might get serious and use the real weapons. The ones you aren’t supposed to use, because that would probably mean the end of our world.

Most of us don’t think about all that too much, because we have more important things to think about, like where to buy our next smart phone, or maybe even splurge on Google Glass.

I admit I’m like everyone else, preferring to enjoy the moment than consider the horrible danger we are in. We can’t do much about it anyway.

But recently I learned about some horrors I didn’t know about before. It is kind of neat that now we can find out what ‘s going on in ways we never could before. Yes, the crazed conspiracy theorists are out there. But there is also sane and important information about things your government hopes you won’t notice.

I was searching for something else in google when I got sidetracked by information about GMOs (genetically modified organisms). If you like being horrified, you will enjoy reading about that. I have lots of opinions on it, but will save it for another post.

Then I got sidetracked from my sidetrack, on to HAARP and chemtrails. I encourage you all to start observing the sky. I don’t know how I never noticed before the things I am noticing now. Wasn’t I ever looking up? I only started to notice after I became aware of geoengineering.

Well there is an awful lot to say about that, but I am trying to keep this short. At this point, I just want to see if any of you have noticed anything.

HAARP (forget what it exactly stands for, but just google if you want to know) evolved out of the old Star Wars research. Conspiracy theorists run wild with it, but that doesn’t negate the fact that HAARP is real.

Essentially, they are f-cking with the ionosphere. One reason is to develop weapons and defense systems — and weapons could come of this research that makes nuclear bombs look like toys.

There are other reasons also, such as weather control, slowing down global warming, protecting communications systems from solar flares, whatever.

Sadly and horrifyingly, these mainstream materialist reductionist scientists are not aware that nature is infinitely smarter than they are. You can’t just f-ck with these crazily complex systems and not get burned eventually.

Please start noticing they sky. Maybe it depends on where you are. I am not too far from NYC. The clouds are very often lined up in neat parallel rows. Very often it is very obvious they are not normal natural clouds.

There is HAARP, and there are also chemtrails. The chemtrails are an extremely sinister, but possibly well-meaning, attempt to “improve” on nature by spraying aerosols of aluminum oxide, barium and strontium. Um, that sounds good, doesn’t it. Spraying it on us. Hey radiation might be good for you, don’t worry!

Putting fine particles up there in the sky for various sinister (but probably well-meaning) reasons. It works together with HAARP somehow.

Maybe the born again Christians are right, maybe this time the world really is about to end.

Please look up and let me know what you see.

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True Horror

May 24, 2013 at 7:50 pm (By Realpc)

Just recently my nephew Tavor was found by one of his close friends, with his head blown off by a gun. There was no police investigation, since it seemed like an obvious suicide.

Tavor was a straight A student in college, not far from graduating. None of his friends thought he had any special problems.

Tavor was good-looking, popular, talented, athletic and fun to be around. The only thing that seemed a little strange was his secretiveness, the fact that he never talked about his feelings or problems.

His mother Narcy, is my sister. I believe she would have given her own life, if it could have saved his. I believe she loved Tavor as much as any mother could love her son.

Of course I don’t believe this was in any way Narcy’s fault although she is (as her name suggests) a “narcissist.” I really don’t know what a narcissist is, but I guess I know when if I see one.

Narcy brags, a lot, about herself and about her two (now only one) kids. If Narcy ever has a problem with anyone — and that is often — it’s always the other person’s fault, entirely. The other person is mentally ill, and/or evil. Narcy is perfecly sane — those of us who know her are sure of that, because she has told us countless times.

When this happened, needless to say, Narcy was devastated, and could not face life without Tavor. She wondered if she could have helped him somehow, or  if she should have known something was wrong.

A year before he died, Tavor had suddenly become extremely angry at his mother, seemingly for no reason. He cut her, and all relatives, out of his life almost completely.

His death was even more tragic because he left in anger, so he and his mother would never be reconciled on this earth.

Everyone told Narcy she was the best possible mother, and that she should not for one minute take any blame. After giving it a little thought, Narcy agreed. This was not in any way her fault. Her son must have had an undiagnosed mental illness, which he had inherited. Nothing at all could have prevented his suicide — he was genetically programmed for it.

Tavor’s biological father, who died long ago, actually did have a mental illness, which caused him to kill himself slowly with drugs.

Narcy is in no way to blame. That doesn’t make it easy, because Tavor is still gone forever. Narcy was a perfect mother to him, and all the anger he felt towards her was just the raving of a mentally ill young man.

I love Narcy very much, she is my only sister. I am glad she has found a way to place all the blame on the DNA of her poor dead ex.

But on the other hand, I don’t like explanations that are over-simplified. I feel like it has to be more complicated than that.

Not that it matters now, it’s too late for Tavor. But I still can’t help thinking about it and searching for explanations that make sense.

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May 16, 2013 at 8:05 pm (By Realpc)

Of all the songs I ever heard, the one I hate the most is Imagine by John Lennon. I think the music is pretty, but the words express exactly the opposite of everything I believe.

I don’t feel like analyzing the whole song right now. But I will just point out a little of the irony.

The lyrics recommend that everyone should give away all their possessions and live in peace. John Lennon thought the whole world could get along — billions of people — and yet the four Beatles weren’t able to get along.

And I very much doubt that any of the Beatles gave all their money away. Even if they gave some to charity, I’m sure they kept enough to make sure they would always have a comfortable life.

I could say a lot more about why I hate that song. It’s stupid, and it’s wrong in every way, and it’s a naive expression of communism, a political/economic system which has failed, sometimes horribly, every time it was tried.

Well John Lennon was never expected to be a political/financial genius. But I know a lot of people who are crazy about that song and see nothing wrong with it.

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The Size of God

April 29, 2013 at 6:48 pm (By Realpc)

We were trying to figure out the size of God, but the comments were closed. So I want to continue here.

My estimate, based on the scriptures, is that God is at least 12 hundred feet tall.

I also want to say something about the comments about having children. It is true that the instinct for taking care of children can be even stronger than the instinct to survive. But that is NOT because of Christianity. The survival of most mammal and bird species depends on the selfless devotion of parents.

The ideal of parental love has become a central image of Christianity — the virgin mother and her infant Jesus.

It’s kind of funny to me, since Jesus never even mentions his mother in the gospels, except to tell her to leave him alone. He really had no family values at all.

But the ideal of selfless motherly love is important in Christianity, since it is a religion of selflessness and devotion. So that is why I guess the other commenters kept bringing it up.

Did God put us on earth mainly so we can learn to experience the kind of selfless love that parents, especially mothers, usually feel? I think that could be one reason, but there are many other things we can learn in this life.

Isn’t it possible that we are also here to learn and create and express ourselves artistically? I value love of course but I value other things also.

I can understand why mothers would say there is nothing more important than motherly love, and it’s our whole reason for existence. But they are forgetting that different people care about different things. Men love their children, of course, but they usually also care about other things.

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Goes to show you

April 20, 2013 at 9:15 pm (By Realpc)

It wasn’t an unpopular teenage loser living in his mother’s basement. It was a straight A medical student. It wasn’t an assault weapon, or even a gun. It was a bomb made of kitchen appliances and stuff you can buy at a hardware store.

After the school shooting, my Facebook page was covered with liberals ranting about gun control and psychological profiling. The idea was that preventing angry young men from buying guns, and making sure they are drugged into apathy, would keep school children safe.

People like to feel they can do something to prevent these horrors. That is understandable. But I don’t believe you can. They don’t happen often, but they will happen. This world is never going to be safe.

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January 5, 2013 at 2:25 pm (By Realpc)

All modern Americans are taught not to believe in magic. Our magicians are entertainers who do fake magic. We are told that believing in real magic is primitive superstition, and we are mucher smarter than that now.

But actually, magic is religion and religion is magic. It is that way now, and it always was.

What magic mostly involves, as far as I know, is trying to influence the world with words — magic spells and incantations. And liquids — magic potions. And animal sacrifices, usually involving blood.

Ok, well just look at our most popular American religion — Christianity. Praying is trying to influence the world by using words, just like magic spells. Jesus was the ultimate blood sacrifice, for Christians. The ancient Israelites performed blood sacrifices (animals, not human, but human sacrifice has been very popular in other ancient religions).

And the Catholics have Holy Water, their magic potion.

Am I trying to say that modern religions are bogus because they are really just magic? No, I am trying to say that magic is real.

I don’t want to make this a long post. But I want to say that, in alternative science, the idea of words and liguids having power is not ridiculous at all.

As just one example (there are many, and alternative science has a long history): One of the scientists who discovered the HIV virus, Montagnier, now does research on the memory of water:

Montagnier is a “real” scientist, not one of the fringey alternative scientists.

I have a lot more to say about this.

Modern science and modern religion have both renounced magic. But magic is real, and real scientists are beginning to figure that out.

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Why It Happened

December 20, 2012 at 8:32 pm (By Realpc)

We do not know why it happened — I mean the school shooting the other day. There were some articles describing Lanza as being kind of strange — he was a very smart nerd who belonged to the technology club. He lived in his mother’s basement and played violent computer games. He wore different clothes than the other kids, and always carried a black briefcase.

And all this was said in a way that seemed to imply “Well no surprise he murdered 27 people — he looked and acted strange!”

I was shocked by the murders, of course, but I was also shocked by this reaction. Unpopular nerd playing violent computer games — well OF COURSE he went on a killing spree.

Can you see that there is absolutely no logic whatsoever in that line of thinking? And it’s outrageous, and insulting to every person who wasn’t the most popular kid in school.

And it’s dangerous, because people could lose their rights and freedoms, all because someone decided they were a little “odd” and therefore potentially a threat to society.

I saw posts on facebook saying that this type of kid should be diagnosed and showered with love and hugs, and that will prevent him from going beserk.

Well, for one thing, not every misfit wants to be showered with love and hugs. Being a little different is not a disease.

And there is no evidence whatsoever that I ever heard of that, if a person actually were a potential mass murderer, love and hugs would cure them.

We DO NOT KNOW why these things happen, and we don’t know how to prevent them.

I am concerned that now parents and teachers will be start rounding up all kids who are too different, or too smart, or too strange, and send them for psychiatric “treatment.” And psychiatric treatment now days means brain-numbing drugs.

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wasted 25 dollars

June 23, 2012 at 9:05 pm (By Realpc)

I went to the new age store again this morning and asked the sales person if the psychic would be there today. She said yss. I asked again if the psychic, Lacey, really gets information from spirits, rather than asking questions and guessing based on common sense.

“Oh no, she never asks any questions and she really gets the information from spirits, she is wonderful, blah blah blah.”

I found out I could get 15 minutes for $25 so it seemed worth trying, and I came back later.

Lacey smoked cigarettes, INSIDE the new age store which was scented with incense. I happen to hate cigarette smoke but the spirits didn’t tell her that.

She asked what I wanted to focus on, since we only had 15 minutes. I said I would rather let the spirits tell her, since I didn’t want to direct them.

It turned out Lacey sort of knows me, because she has seen me walking and biking a lot. So, with no guidance from me (or the spirits), she went on about how I am so much connected with the earth and the spirit worlds.

She gave me a standard motivational talk about how I also need to connect with people, and to get over the fears I acquired in childhood. I should go in a positive direction, rather than negative, etc.

She stretched all this standard BS out so it would take up most of the 15 minutes.

Finally I told her that I am not a loner who needs to learn how to connect with people. She only assumed that because she saw me walking alone a lot. I said I walk because I like to get exercise and I am busy so most of the time it’s easier to walk by myself.

She said well it’s true that I need to get past the childhood fears, etc. I said yes I already know, and I work on that. I said I really hoped the spirits would tell her things that apply to me and my current situaion, not to almost everyone in the world.

Lacey got offended and said she is not a carnival act and she will not be tested.

The spirits did tell her that I play piano and compose music, and she started tapping her fingers on the table like it was a piano. I said ok that is close, since I play an instrument.

She asked what instrument. I said why can’t the spirits tell you. Again, I heard that she is not a carnival act.

I did not go in there as a skeptic looking to see through the BS. I came in ready to open my soul to the spirits and learn the truth, however scary or hurtful. As the sales person had warned me, that I must be ready to hear the truth.

So as the last minutes ticked away, I told Lacey I really meant to focus on what was happening with my boss at work. Lacey took her best guess — my boss has gone away, become distant? I met her questioning gaze. She had no more guesses.

So finally I told her my boss has been torturing me and I decided to give up and get another job. Lacey said that was a good decision, and she said I will never lack money and God always takes care of me.

Well I hope she is right about that, but I have no reason to believe her about anything.

She said I didn’t have to pay, but I paid anyway, since I will always have abundance in my life.

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Medical Mythology

March 25, 2012 at 5:54 pm (By Realpc)

I was walking through town today (Sunday) and a woman offered to give me a ride home. I said no thanks, I have a car, I’m just taking a walk. But then I went back and asked how she knew where I live. She said she sees me walking, walking, walking, all the time. I explained that I only walk a half hour before work on week days, which really is not much. I asked if she thought I was a crazy homeless person, just because she sees me walking. I said I have been walking, and doing yoga, all my life and that is probably the reason I am not sick and on drugs, like practically everyone else my age.

(I don’t usually do this, must have been in a weird mood today).

So she replied that the drugs must be doing something right, because we are living longer than ever now. She said there are lots of people in their 90s now, and there never were before.

I said first of all, there were always people in their 90s. And if you ask someone in their 90s you may very well find out they don’t go to doctors or take drugs. I said we are not being kept alive past age 40 thanks to the drugs, that is just propaganda from the drug companies, to make us think we need them.

I tried to explain that average lifespan has increased, mostly because young children are not dying anymore, thanks to antibiotics and vaccines. I tried to explain how the drug companies misuse the statistics to make us think we would all drop dead at 40 if not for them.

She waited patiently for me to give up and leave. If she didn’t think I was a homeless crazy before, she was sure of it after my lecture.

But I am so tired of hearing the same old myth.

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Crime Pays

March 14, 2012 at 6:59 pm (By Realpc)

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