Today in Shoddy Journalism

From a WSJ article, “Middle Class Starts to Drift From Obama” (subscribers only):

“Yes, we need health-care reform, but why couldn’t we have taken it step by step?” asked Kitty Rehberg, a 71-year-old farmer from nearby Rowley, who held a colonial-era American flag as she protested near Mr. Obama’s speech. She said the president’s policies would cost her “a lot from my pocket book” to help people who “just want freebies.”

If that’s the same as this Kitty Rehberg from Rowley, Iowa, she’s a Republican State Senator, and has been for some time [CORRECTION: She’s a former state senator – her last term ended in 2005]. She’s also a recipient of a fair amount of farm subsidies.

It’s called Google, guys. Look into it.