You know….I love you all!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Holding Heart ca. 2004
Buffy wants you to have a Romantic Valentine’s Day!


Hi everyone, Ron here.

It’s true I do love you all!  Our wonderful/wonderous (you pick!) blog hostess, LouiseM, for her faith and concern….everyone who shows up and makes us have good conversation.


I’m fine….things are moving ahead, and, more importantly, things are not reeling backwards.  I will save some details for another post, but it didn’t want anyone concerned.


3 thoughts on “You know….I love you all!”

  1. Leap day! Which mean we’re two weeks away from Springing Forward and welcoming the light of day and the sun back with enough strength to make green things grow again.

    Here’s to surviving the darkness, and searching for light!

    like a vigilant watchman seems everywhere these days.
    From its cold November gatehouse and portcullis,
    It disseminates a reign of sinister and sudden end.

    Without warning,
    it reveals the hidden underbelly of life which is also
    its polar opposition.

    Do not be fooled by the
    edges of light
    that seem to filter
    through the dank darkness;
    death is not about redemption.
    For the living, it is a full stop.

    Yet, I am lured by its
    silky sullenness for
    incomprehensible reasons.

    A lack of reason.

    A reason of lack.

    Swept ever alongside this blindness
    I still search for light.

    by Stan Stewart

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