Announcing a new business venture: HazMat Airlines!

Every passenger will fly with level C or level B hazmat suits! The cabin will be hosed down with chlorine bleach between every flight! Frequent Flyer rewards include a free upgrade to level A hazmat gear for every 15,000 miles flown!

So, who’s with me? Don’t let this business opportunity pass you buy! Get in on the ground floor!


Or should that be HazMat Airways? Better copyright and trademark that, too.


Author: Icepick

I wear an extremely large boot - just one.

7 thoughts on “Announcing a new business venture: HazMat Airlines!”

  1. They say that airliner that went down had the cure for ebola on board….2 tons of Nazi gold…and Amelia Earhart!

    I read that online so it must be true….

  2. If you were working w/Ebola patients(or living w/ones working w/)- would you feel ok to go about your business until you got a fever- when these viruses can grow as they go along- maybe even b/coming airborne and spreading that way?

    I thing the gov’t should require anyone connected to Ebola in such a way to self-quarantine &they should supply a special place to do so at a $figure- 150$/day or so. Compensation for lost work and play. I mean, what the hell is the matter w/these educated medical professionals that they go on cruises, airlines and freaking bowling, until they show symptoms?

    Or, is it just me?

    Airborne Airlines-
    Where your safety is always ~up in the air~.

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