When G.W Bush was fooled into invading Iraq, Democrats went insane with rage.

When Obama almost got fooled into bombing Syria, Democrats didn’t have much at all to say.



22 thoughts on “Syria”

  1. These people don’t get “fooled” into anything. They march to the beat of the Military Industrial Complex. War is the new status quo. We’ll have another, who knows where, in a year or two. They can’t live without it. It’s where the profits are. Fooled? You are kidding. E.

  2. For what is worth… I think democrats would have been more outspoken had it been president Clinton.

    Clinton would have probably handle it better… and therein lies the quandary for the democrats and the danger of putting personality over principles.

  3. Hey Lem, good to see you in other places.

    And Annie, is this you? I’m sure the cat post was, but they’re both showing up as uncategorized. I’d edit them, but I have, as usual, misplaced my password.

  4. Just as well, because if I had my password, I might have to tell everyone what I did today, and none of you want that. Not today.

  5. Found the password, changed the poster on the previous post, won’t do so on this one as I’m not certain who it is.

    Anyone heard from Ron lately?

  6. And even though I found my password, I won’t tell you about the gallons of snot I dealt with today. And no, that has nothing to do with my sinuses, or my daughter’s, or wife’s, or anybody else’s. And yes, the story gets much grosser upon inspection.

  7. I may be wrong, but i don’t think W was ~fooled~. There is a list @Ace of Spades showing where Saddam Hussein repeatedly resisted and threatened and even chemically assaulted his own people… there was a lot of intel out there and W chose a course acceptable to our Congress and our Allies. That it (supposedly)proved wrong(i, for one- believe that yellowcake was found in Iraq)doesn’t mean he was fooled.

    Also– the fact that our President is a novice in foreign affairs and policy…duh.
    That he chose to go this route- our Peace toting Pres…duh.
    How many more yrs of this?

  8. “Military Industrial Complex” is so last century :-)

    Another idea from the previous century (the early/middle part of it anyway) is that one of winning wars/defeating enemies.

    Now we’re arguing over who/what the enemy is.

  9. Politics has always been part of how we have approached foreign (and military) policy. The “politics stops at the water’s edge” view was far more hope than reality. But the level to which we have taken partisanship in those areas has definitely reached a new high in the last decade.

    There are a few anti-war no matter what passifist Democrats and isolationist Republicans. And a few pro-war no matter what folks in each party as well. But the big majority seem to have decided that any decision about war, whether pro or con, is far more about scoring domestic political points than about what might be good for the country. Which is why, when circumstances lead to a change in policy by the administartion, so many politicians demonstrate their ability to turn on a dime — without acknowledging the circumstances which lead to the policy change.

  10. I think GW, and congress, were fooled about Iraq. The Shiites wanted to overthrow the Sunnis, or whatever the heck the internal politics were, so they roped us in.

    Then a lot of Democrats got Bush Derangement Syndrome. They went completely insane with hatred for the poor guy. They forgot that the Democrats also agreed to invade Iraq. They kept screaming that Bush lied to us, all because of oil, or whatever.

    So now we have a very similar kind of situation, where some of the rebels in Syria want to drag Obama into their internal conflict. And the rebels are more likely to be the kind of radical Muslims that attacked us on 9/11. So Obama wants to help them out.

    I did not see any Obama Derangement Syndrome over this at all. I saw Democrats defending the idea, saying it was the least we could do to help out those poor victims.

    I am always fascinated how people can ignore logic completely and get caught up in tribal thinking. We are tribal of course, and our thinking has to be tribal. But it still amazes me every time.

  11. And I also remember how much they hated and despised poor old GW, and saw him as a stupid lying devil. But he and Obama seem very similar to me.

    Both seem to be nice guys with nice families, and with generally good intentions. They both have been fortunate and extremely successful, but that doesn’t make them bad. And it certainly doesn’t make one bad and the other good.

    Both are ignorant and limited, just like the rest of us. I can’t understand hating one and loving the other. But that is what lots of Democrats have done.

  12. Democrats can’t be against attacking Syria, because then they would agree with the Tea Party on something.

  13. Harry Reid is not to be taken seriously. IMHO, the leadership in both parties needs to be tossed out. Boehner, McConnell, Pelosi, Reid. The four horses’-asses of the Apocalypse.

  14. Right in the middle of my chuckle for that,my 14yr just texted 2say there’s a lockdown @her school. She had asked me what was going on in Newport– cops and firetrucks…nothing on the news, so i thought the computer might have some news. I’m not good @this lockdown crap.

  15. A delusional male w/a self-fulfilling prophecy… &a rifle.
    He called the cops on himself saying his house was surrounded by 400 cops and ~voila~… the cops showed up on cue. All’s well…

    i hope that’s how you spell the French word:0)
    French may be my DNA- but, something got lost on it’s way to my mouth.

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