And now for something completely different ….



Author: Icepick

I wear an extremely large boot - just one.

7 thoughts on “And now for something completely different ….”

  1. I can’t imagine living is such a… house?
    I do love the landscaping- how beautiful.
    30million$? I think you need the title/link of the previous post:
    is a link to a lot of architecture from my son’s facebook. A lot of niceynice places…

    i now text messages to my two older kids- i got a cell phone for Christmas from my daughter. I am so confused typing now on the computer as i get the two keypads screwed up in the memory of the tips of my fingers. It’s like a dementia all of its own.

  2. I could almost swear that house was built earlier than 1979. My grandparents sold their house in Palm Springs in the 1960s, when my grandfather got Parkinson’s with dementia (yep, MT . . .), and I think I remember being shown Bob Hope’s house when visiting them before that.

  3. I keep seeing 1979 in other articles, though it’s possible they’re all copying from an earlier incorrect source. I’m also certain that Bob Hope had a home in Palm Springs before that one. How could he not, being a rich entertainer that loved golf? It’s inconceivable that he didn’t live there!

  4. This is very very O/T- but, i know it will be appreciated by everyone.
    It mirrors my day- somewhat- as we said goodbye to a friend that died a week ago in a tragic(yes, Althouse… tragic)death- going through the ice on Lake Memphremagog. 53.

    I doubt it’ll link- if not- i snagged it from Althouse- yes… Althouse.
    It’s beautiful. Sad. Lovely. It’s life.

    … a 20-photo slide show.

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