On Election Day…

Vote! Like Ginger Rogers and her mother Lela back in the day….

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7 thoughts on “On Election Day…”

  1. Hmm. Having some issues here. What I wrote [I thought] was:

    I voted two weeks ago. I’m more concerned with our state races and issues than with the presidential race. My presidential vote won’t count, anyway, as I live in a blue state.

  2. :0)- we voted around 1:30 and then we did our annual election day ~go out to lunch~ @the local restaurant- which wasn’t so good, today. WDIK, i had coffee.

    Around 4:30, we got a phone call from the gal’s campaign 4 house rep. “Polls are open until 7, blahblahblah- make sure you vote.” So, i said-Yeah- we already did. Was told that this phone call was actually for… Allan.

    :0)… i informed the gal that- yes, he voted- as we did go to the polls(the elementary school)together and i hoped she had a great afternoon. The wannabe’s ~treasurer~ is a former employer of mine who knows, w/no doubt about it, that i’m not voting for a Planned Parenthood endorsed candidate- so, as taken aback a i was, initially- it’s a funny, small-town moment.

    It doesn’t matter how i voted here in VT- it’s the MOST socialistic damned state and the 1st to go Obama- so, i don’t count. Not for our Gov, our Senators- nada. I just pray that the Country has so much more sense than VT.

    I hope everyone is warm, dry and safe tonight.
    Has anyone heard from Brunobaby??????

  3. Karen, my point, exactly! When you live in a blue state, your vote on federal candidates simply don’t count. We are, in a real sense, disenfranchised by the electoral system!

  4. Of course, in fairness [no irony intended], Democrats in red states probably feel the same insignificance.

  5. And it’s over. The American people have voted for more of the same. More 8% unemployment with historically low participation rates, 46 million people on food stamps and rising, decreasing median incomes, dead ambassadors, and divided government. Outstanding. Well, at least I can rest easy knowing there’s no point in looking for a job ever again.

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