The verdict: very good!

So, I finally got around to making the steak sauce I mentioned a bit ago….and forgot to take pictures!

But it is a very good sauce!  Darker in color than the picture I had posted, it is also a bit sweet, but with a lot of flavor.  I’ve been using it on burgers and even fries, but not a steak yet!

Yes, I did like it better than a commercially made sauce, so I recommend making it.  It’s a lot of ingredients, but it’s pretty easy to make, and I love roasting a pepper right on the burner of the stove to get the blackened effect on it.

Update:  Ah!  In the comments, Amba requests the link and recipe.

The earlier post   

The recipe (from SmittenKitchen, scroll down a bit…)

Update II:

We strive to be a full service blog, so I made some more sauce!

Notice it looks a bit darker than the earlier pictures

and put it on some burgers, made with sauteed spinach and mushroom with sauce on top.

these are for me…

5 thoughts on “The verdict: very good!”

  1. OK–I’ll try it next time I fix steak. Of course, that could be a l-o-o-o-n-g time and I don’t eat hamburger. I do buy stew meat occasionally and braise it with some onions or mushrooms. Might be good on that. I wonder if it would also work on, say, pork tenderloin or even chicken?

  2. Mmmmm- funny how just looking makes my mouth water.
    Maybe taste is, after all, amba- the seat/root of our being:0).
    Because i can’t smell it at all and it still feels good.

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