Ron wants…. steak sauce.


Of all the foodie blogs I read, Smitten Kitchen is my favorite, which is saying a lot, as this is an excellent time for foodie blogs and even just recipe sites.
The reason I like Smitten Kitchen so much is that unlike a lot of the other blogs, they usually keep it pretty straight forward, but usually giving you something new and interesting at the same time.  Take this recipe for a steak sauce!  I normally don’t give steak sauce a second thought (Worcestershire or A1) but even though this has a fair amount of ingredients I am intrigued by the tastes here.  You can read the whole procedure over there but I like the idea of all these flavors!  Tomato puree, orange juice(!),Worcestershire,ground ginger, molasses, allspice, ground mustard, balsamic vinegar, pepper,salt,onion powder and olive oil, not to mention a charred red pepper!  Plus the article gives me the idea of putting this on a number of things, from potatoes to scrambled eggs to maybe a simple hamburger.  Making one’s own sauces….I hadn’t given it much thought but it seems intriguing.

I will make this (anyone have some allspice and ground ginger?) and let you know how it works out.


image courtesy of the Smitten Kitchen site


6 thoughts on “Ron wants…. steak sauce.”

  1. I eat steak rarely [pun intended] but when I do, I usually want nothing but salt and pepper on it but that looks intriguing. Don’t forget to report your findings! :-)

  2. I wish i were a better cook. Hell, i wish i were a better wife when it comes to the kitchen… period. I do have ginger– put it in baked beans to make them taste- idk- i can make baked beans, but i generally use it for tummy aches in the babies. Warm h2o- a tsp of ginger and a beer bottle, shake it up to mix and drench the calf– right down the gullet.

    Were so busy up here these days that i am losing track of time. Adding a calf barn onto the existing one– no more high drive:0(. The girls start school next Monday- wow- and i am taking a day trip w/my ex to bring our son back to Scranton for college. Holy crap, eh? Out of my comfortable(remember, amba?)Kingdom and w/my ex- pray for me, in all seriousness!!

    Ice, we need rain!!

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