In a few minutes, I will have completed 66 years on this earth. Add another 6 . . .

turn it upside down . . .

and you have the Mark(down) of the Discount Retailer!



Author: amba12

Continuing the conversation that started at AmbivaBlog ...

10 thoughts on “Numerology”

  1. You’re our “Blue Light Special”.. Happy, Happy! I will have a Nathan’s hot dog in your honor…

  2. :0)- Only you would think somthing like that- ok, maybe only you and all you’re funny relatives w/that kind of humour!!!

    You’re my favourite special every day, amba. God bless your 66th.

    I bear your mark- on my heart.

  3. No discount rack for you–you will continue to appreciate with age. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy! Play!!!

  4. “Oh I’ve known the fears of 66 years,
    I’ve had troubles and tears by the score.
    But the only thing I’d trade them for is 67 more!”
    –Pippin’s grandma, in “Pippin”

    Personally, I thought 66 was too young to have a grown grandson, but it was probably OLD in the Middle Ages. It certainly seems young in MY middle ages!

  5. Thanks Charlie, mt, Melinda!

    It’s so absurd to look like an old person and feel like a young person. Now I know what my grandmother meant when she said, “I still feel like I did when I was sixteen. I look in the mirror and go, ‘Who’s that?‘”

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