Captain Williard eventually becomes President on West Wing

continuing the Apocalypse Now!  theme…


update:  Martin Sheen gets demoted in the post title from Col. to Captain as he was in the film.  [nod to Icepick]


4 thoughts on “Captain Williard eventually becomes President on West Wing”

  1. I’ve seen that before, but it’s always good for yucks!

    Speaking of mash-ups of Vietnam War movies with beloved children’s classics, someone should post the Full Metal Elves mash-up. Heck, I’ll just link to it myself – there’s two versions, censored and uncensored. The uncensored is funny, but the censored version with the sleigh bells is a [ jingle bells]ing riot!

  2. Also, Willard was only a Captain, though it’s possible he got promoted to Major by the end of the film.

  3. Looking through the archives of my old stuff, I see that I named Apocalypse: Now! as one of my all-time favorite comedies. I described it thusly:

    not quite as funny as The Producers, but much funnier than The Grapes of Wrath.

    I also quoted the line “I gotta remember never get out of the boat; never get outta the boat.” I love that scene!

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