Preview of Coming Attractions [UPDATED AGAIN]

When Rainy fully realized he had a lapmate, he slunk away.  But this is only Day 2.

Now the white kitten is on one side of me and Buzzy is on the other, bitching and grumbling, but also purring.  The black kitten is near my feet longing to get up too, but wary of Buzzy, who seems to be guarding or claiming me.  I had thought that even after a six-day absence, Buzzy and Rainy might give me the deep freeze for foisting the kittens on them; instead, they’ve gone from bored, taking-for-granted, familiarity-breeds-contempt to clingy and possessive.  (I’m still planning to give the black kitten away if a good enough home turns up.)

Names: I woke up this morning thinking the white one should be named “Ragout” (pronounced “Ragu”), but once fully awake that did not seem right at all, especially given that her former owner is Korean.

UPDATE:  Shhhhh . . .

A clear view of good young whatsername:


Author: amba12

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15 thoughts on “Preview of Coming Attractions [UPDATED AGAIN]”

  1. Cindy Lou Who (the littlest Who in Whoville) was our white and black one. A sweet girl with shaved ham ears and soft K-Mart fur (like the bunny fur coats K-Mart used to sell for little girls). The last night she was alive, when she could no longer eat or drink and barely had the strength to walk, she summoned what was left to make the rounds and visit all four of us in our beds and purr. It seemed as if she was saying good-bye. Kitty spirits are peculiar, especially so when they are loved.

  2. My friend Miki’s cat has up and disappeared….gone for a month now, without a trace. Her 4 year old is still quite upset.

  3. Heh. Kinda fits! She’s always bopping around. A little long though, and perhaps in danger of being abbreviated to “Bimbo”? or “Bibi”

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