A Hint of Trane

John Coltrane’s  A Love Supreme:

Possibly Coltrane’s greatest work. Devotional and thankful to God.

In surprising ways.

You can buy the whole thing on Amazon, which, although it will cost you a little money, is nothing compared to what you might get out of it.

If  the link doesn’t work, just double click on it and play it straight from YouTube.

I have little hope this will stay up long on YouTube, but while it does, enjoy.


6 thoughts on “A Hint of Trane”

  1. Coltrane was amazing. His stuff never gets old. On the thread I hijacked with earlier I included this link http://www.johncoltrane.com/. If you click on the ‘click to launch music player’ in the upper left-hand corner, you can play several of his best pieces. :-)

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