Mavens of Morpheus [Footnoted]


Author: amba12

Continuing the conversation that started at AmbivaBlog ...

12 thoughts on “Mavens of Morpheus [Footnoted]”

  1. It seems that your felines have decided to absorb all the stress in the air by converting it into solid sleep: thus giving you a sense of peace that it both visible and comforting: plus we also got the view of one of your entire leg: a bit risque; yet and still a right bit; a little cheesecake never hurts…
    and by the way; Paul Kelly was Emmet Grogan’s real name once upon a time

  2. Adorable pictures! Our dog, Bucky, will lie on his back like your cat in the top photo, twisting and waving his paws in the air, looking like Olivier in the death scene from Richard III. He will also lie next to me when I do my floor exercises, rolling around in wild emulation. How I wish I could videotape it! Animals are so much fun! :-D

  3. We bought a “thundershirt” for our Big Dog today, as his anxiety with storms and fireworks has increased over the years to the point where storms and fireworks have become a highly distressing experience for him. The shirt is a cotton/velcro affair designed to wrap a dog’s chest and body and it seems to be working wonderfully. The neighbor is lighting off some kind of black powder canon and bottle rockets and the dog is resting on a rug, no panting and no pacing. Unbelievable. I’d like one for myself.

  4. Yes! The directions say it applies “gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s torso, which has an amazing calming affect”. Similar to the concept Temple Grandin noted and adapted for herself when she saw the squeeze chutes used for cattle vaccinations.

    The difference in behavior tonight seemed amazing. We’ll see how he handles the 4th.

    Here’s the story of how it came to be. .

    If there is pressure exchange taking place with your cat, it appears mutually calming!

  5. Think it would work on an agitated dementia patient, mt? Think it’s ever been tried?

  6. Maybe some dementia patients. My husband HATES being restrained in any fashion, even feeling clothes restrictive and objecting to the footrests on his wheelchair.

  7. I wonder. The fact that the pressure is constant and applied in an overall gentle manner to the torso only, appears key. There is no single pressure point, noticeable restriction or limitation for the brain to register as unusual or alarming.

    I’ve a son who matches all his same color socks according the the tension in the cuffs. This practice stems from his inability to dismiss the feeling that one sock is looser than the other when he wears a mismatched pair. No override and a stuck gas petal, as the “You are not your brain” guy says.

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