Make Yourself at Home.

Mi casa es su casa.


Author: amba12

Continuing the conversation that started at AmbivaBlog ...

16 thoughts on “Make Yourself at Home.”

  1. That condo looks under-occupied. I’ll gladly help you fill it with 3 more tenants at no charge. Free shipping, too. ;-)

  2. It’s that “Mi casa es su *catsa*? Lovely home for your felines. Do you only have the two? I bet that top perch is as much fought over as a top bunk.

    And is that a futon couch in the other room?

  3. Bingo! :D

    I only have two . . . I have had as many as fourteen back in the day (not in just this space, of course).

    Yes, that’s a futon couch. I’m sleeping on it in “couch position” because a) there’s no room to open it out, and b) the frame has partially come apart (it can be fixed, but I forget how). But it’s enough for one person, which is all I am.

  4. You’ve always seemed like more than one person to me….just on the number of blogs alone! :)

    It looks like the cat version of “Logan’s Run” — “Come to Catrosel!”

  5. That would tend to burn the gestalt into your retina. Pavlovian? LOL. And you went on to etymologize: coincidence? I think not.

  6. I spotted that OED too…I just know too many people who have that thing….sometimes without the magnifying glass!

  7. Randy: 3 cats is the perfect number to me (because of the interesting possibilities for personality interactions and triangulation). Five is way too many.

  8. Aha! Do I detect the possibility of a new arrival?

    I’ve discovered that three is one too many when all of them want my attention at the same time and none of them will play with any of the others. ;-)

    And when I was running a virtual pet hospital just before I left, with all three levels of sickness (minor/moderate/major), three was three too many.

  9. Who needs a magnifying glass to read the compact OED? To focus on anything beyond arms length? Sure. But not the OED.

    I keep hoping that I will get that phenomena my friends have, where they can (only) focus further away as they get older. But so far, no trombone reading for me. Sigh.

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