What Would YOU Do?

This guy keeps asking to connect with me on Skype, and perseveres while ignoring my repeated “How do I know you?” queries:

First of all, I had no way of knowing if he was who he said he was (which if true would be intriguing but mystifying:  how’d I get on his radar?).  Second, if someone has a legit reason to look you up (like a mutual friend), why not say so?

I got one other weird query (I forget now which social medium it was on) from a military man who was obviously looking for a date.  So I started to wonder if somebody posted me on a military lonelyhearts site as a joke.

‘Fess up!


Author: amba12

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14 thoughts on “What Would YOU Do?”

  1. I’d figure he was a Nigerian prince who needed your help to get his fortune out of the country. If he didn’t state the legitimate source of his knowledge of you, then block him.

    i still get those letters from time to time. These days, they are usually from guys living in one of the former Soviet republics, who have a huge pile of cash stolen by the corrupt Soviet commissars. Too bad for me if one of them is, indeed, an honest former apparatchik.

  2. It wasn’t me. The least he could do is meade you for a while on your blog before asking you out.

  3. “Portlandian!” LOL!

    I was one of those once. Had no idea this came with that territory.

    Anyway, it wasn’t me, either.

  4. As the kids these days say- “Creeper”.

    He should ‘fess up to who is is and how he knows you– honesty is the best policy. Otherwise- block him.

    Meade is foreplay– i was thinking Meade is a verb!!! Either way, Meade is honest. This guy– seems to be hiding something.

  5. PS: What would I DO? First, I would ignore him. If he persists, I would block him and/or report him.

  6. I tried ignoring him, now I’ve blocked him. It’s funny that deference for the military made me hesitate — that’s what makes it a good disguise, if that’s what it is. Like the guy in uniform who comes to your door to check the gas meter and then murders you.

  7. There’s this one guy who’s followed me across half a dozen different networks. I have to assume that he’s not interested in my decidedly-not-hot bod, but what’s the appeal otherwise? It’s not like I’m some A-list net.celeb who can bring him a vast audience for whatever it is he does.

  8. Well, isn’t me either, but I did try send a little movie to your old email address
    of the fox cubs that were playing outside the window, but it bounced…

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