Christmas Clowning [UPDATED]

Ridi, Pagliacci,” but not the original version — Donald O’Conner in Singin’ in the Rain.

UPDATE: Better view of the foam rubber reindeer antlers.


Author: amba12

Continuing the conversation that started at AmbivaBlog ...

15 thoughts on “Christmas Clowning [UPDATED]”

  1. Looks like you haven’t totally grokked the ‘flasher’ concept… but you’re clearly getting in training for the subway!

  2. You’ll have to decode that comment for me! What’s the connection to the co-op?

    I’d been wrapping packages from my hostess’s awesome multiyear collection of ribbons, bows, bells, etc., and we started wrapping ourselves.

  3. Quite a few customers (and, let’s face it, staff) at my former co-op employer dressed in a similarly, ahem, colorful fashion.

  4. Fantastic photo! You look great!

    Maxwell: Really did LOL! when I saw your comment. as it immediately brought to mind the local co-op near my college. All the employees and most of the customers of the local co-op dressed something like that.

  5. Ron, I’m really, really glad I wasn’t drinking something when I read that! (And, I confess, I had a somewhat similar reaction to the photo myself. But repressed it. Gotta work on that.)

  6. What can I say but….Fosse!

    Well, she’s got the Jazz Hands, and I suppose the antlers can substitute for a hat. But she really needs a chair if it’s going to be … Fosse! (I don’t think the rocking chair counts.)

  7. I love the cabin, beautiful– and i finally get that they are antlers!!!!

    As for co- op– is that, like- a food co-op?

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