Real Life Wisdom . . .

July 22, 2009 at 3:13 pm (By Amba)

. . . the kind that’s born on the knife edge between love and fear, born of falling off that edge again and again, and struggling back up, has never been so beautifully expressed as in this post by Danny Miller, one of his most magnificent ever.  It’s a real collaboration between him and life; look how gracefully he fields the long-ball cues life throws him!  It’s only right at the heart of the matter that everything is charged with message and meaning like that.  We’re there all the time, but only at the edges do we know it.

And look at his son Charlie!!  Remember when he was small enough to fit in your hand and crawled all over by a parasitic kudzu of tubes, so fragile his intestine and his brain tore like water just at the touch of the air . . . look at him!  Almost free of tubes, smiling, frowning, sucking his thumb, looking so much older and more aware than the newborn infant he would have been just about now . . .



  1. karen said,

    I can’t get this life story out of my brain– that’s a good thing:0). I keep thinking of Charlie and Oliver– of Danny and his family and how much they have all grown w/the experience of loving someone on faith. i see the slow release of Danny’s grip on control; to accept the edge.

    i read posts out loud to my family— and was surprised by the admiration of my daughter’s boyfriend of Danny’s powerful writing. I fail to give the kid credit, it’s true. He said that it was like listening to poetry. I guess when the depth of feeling is so close to the heart– it is. Some lack the skill in translation of feeling to word, that’s all.

    i love Charlie, he is such a toughie– and i have so much respect for Danny& his family in sharing these traumatic times.

    I still cannot fathom the life he lives, in LA and w/all those famous people as family& friends. I’m speechless- Charles Nelson Reilly– i remember him so well on Matchgame. Speechless.

  2. amba said,

    Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you’re now only two degrees of separation from Charlie’s namesake! I know, what a story Danny has let us all into so generously, and so beautifully. Charlie has had such a cheering section, cheering every ounce onto his now almost chubby little body!

  3. Donna B. said,

    I watched the video, but the sound is perpetually screwed up on my computer. The sweet baby is adorable and though Danny’s writing is powerful, I can only imagine the emotions his parents have experienced over the past three months.

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