Reading the Honduran Constitution . . .

July 19, 2009 at 6:43 pm (By Amba)

. . . rather than reading our Constitution into the Honduran situation, reveals that it is actually that country’s Constitution that removed President Zelaya from office. The Honduran Supreme Court and Army were not merely reacting to a violation of Article 239, which imposes a one-term limit on all presidents; they were carrying out the provisions of that Article.

My friend Casselman wrote an op-ed, “Brave Little Honduras,” that ran in the Washington Examiner.  When he posted it on his own website, a commenter challenged him with the common argument that while Zelaya had acted unconstitutionally by attempting to hold a plebiscite on his reelection, the Supreme Court and Army had also acted unconstitutionally by ousting him rather than impeaching him.  Not true, Casselman posted today in an update [scroll to the end of the piece].  An excerpt:

This argument has been also used by Sres. Castro, Chavez, Morales AND our own President Obama to justify Zelaya to return and finish out his term, I have now read the Honduran constitution, andalthough it does have an impeachment process, its Article 239 states that no one may serve more than one term as president, and that anyone who tries to do so, OR TRIES TO CHANGE ARTICLE 239, automatically defaults his official position.  Thus, Zelaya was actually removed from office by the Honduras constitution. The supreme court was only doing its job in formally declaring the obvious. . . .

Sr. Zelaya, who has been trying to bully his way back into Honduras, has now called for a revolution. Make no mistake, he means a Marxist revolution.  President Obama is backing the wrong horse for the wrong reasons.


  1. PatHMV said,

    Exactly. Which is why I am beyond cynical about the glaring contradiction between President Obama’s “hands-off” policy on the Iranian dissidents, on grounds that we shouldn’t meddle in other countries’ internal affairs, and his immediate declaration, himself, that the Honduran “coup” was “unconstitutional.” It was neither a coup (the government didn’t change, the president was simply arrested. Every other institution of government continued in existence. The hallmark of a coup is that the entire government changes. No coup I’ve ever heard of before actually replaces the president with the next-ranking member of his own party.

  2. Theo Boehm said,

    If we slice this with Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation for President Obama “backing the wrong horse for the wrong reasons,” if you think Zelaya means a Marxist revolution, is that President Obama is backing a Marxist revolution.

    Somebody should ask him about it.

  3. Randy said,

    Obama will not answer that question directly. Those who criticized early, before they understood the terms of the constitution, are unlikely to retract their criticism now. Unfortunately, per Occam’s Razor, if it looks like a coup it is a coup and this, to outsiders, looks like just another coup in a part of the world with a long history of coups. While I think they were right to remove Zeyala, I believe that exile was serious error. A prompt fair trial would have served their long-term interests.

  4. karen said,

    … and yet, the major elected officials of America CONTINUE to back the wrong horse.

    Hillary playing mediator and Obama stubbornly claiming the legitimacy of it all.

    Aren’t these people lawyers???? Shouldn’t they know better– and do they believe the masses(USofA) are going to forever resist the impulse to pull their silly little bald heads outta the sand and blink blindly at the sky in wonderment of it all??

    What does this mean? oh, wait– it means we are soooo f**ked.

    Obamacare, here we come!!!

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