Ayatollah Montazeri’s Awesome Fatwa

July 13, 2009 at 10:04 am (By Amba)

“A regime that uses clubs, oppression, aggression against [the people’s] rights, injustice, rigged elections, murder, arrests, and medieval or Stalin-era torture, [a regime that] gags and censors the press, obstructs the media, imprisons intellectuals and elected leaders on false allegations or forced confessions… – [such a regime] is despicable and has no religious merit…

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  1. david said,

    Awesome indeed!

  2. wj said,

    Glad as I am to see senior Iranian clerics denouncing what has gone on, one question remains in my mind: Will they be able to bring themselves to boot out the current Supreme Leader? Or will their fear of damaging the current theocratic system of government keep them from taking the only step which will actually put their statements into practice?

    I wish I could say I thought they would bite the bullet. But….

  3. amba12 said,

    wj, maybe they would if they could, but who controls the forces that can actually do it? More likely Montazeri winds up under house arrest or worse, but with every such act the regime chops off more of its own legitimacy, in both its own people’s and the world’s eyes.

  4. Randy said,

    Supposedly, Rafsanjani retains enormous influence over the military. If anyone could, it would be him: a former President, a member of the theocratic elite as well as the governing council and quite possibly the nation’s richest man.

  5. michael reynolds said,

    I’ve been harping from the start on the tank index: where are the tanks? Definitively crushing the protests? Or overthrowing the regime? So far they’re on the sidelines.

    This was never going to be about the protesters bringing the government down themselves, it was always going to be about Rafsanjani and other clerics like Montazeri, and perhaps even Sistani if he decides to step in. And the uniformed military.

    I would point out that not Rafsanjani nor Montazeri nor Sistani nor any of the generals would be in any way assisted by more vocal condemnations from Barack Obama, or by further intrusion of the US into this Iranian crisis.

    I hope that with passions cooled a bit in the US people would see that we could only have made it harder for potential opponents of Khamenei.

    Yet another demonstration of the fact that John McCain, not Barack Obama, was the naive and unready candidate.

  6. karen said,

    Found on Gateway Pundit: (there are links, but confound it all…)

    Ahmad Batebi lashed out at Barack Obama and the West on the 10 Year Anniversary of the Iranian Student Uprisings this past week.
    The Telegraph reported:

    Now living in the United States after seeking political asylum, Mr Batebi believes President Barack Obama needs to act more forcefully to put pressure on the regime.

    “Obama and Western countries must stop talking in political circles,” he said. “Instead they should clearly repeat the following sentence: ‘The coup d’etat regime of Iran must step aside and give power to the elected representatives of the people, and if it continues to imprison, shoot and torture people, it will face international consequences.'”
    On June 22 I interviewed Ahmad Batebi who now lives in America. Iranian activist Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi translated.
    Batebi said then that, “Barack Obama’s lack of response to the current uprising will not be regarded kindly by the Iranian people.”

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