Gathering the Facts on Healthcare – an Introduction

May 12, 2009 at 3:14 pm (By Maxwell James)

In recent months, much of my day-job has dealt with analyzing a fairly specific problem in the healthcare field. Doing this research has led me to become more interested in the far more politicized debate about healthcare reform in this country – particularly those aspects having to do with cost management and the national budget deficit.

As an agnostic on the topic of healthcare reform, it occurred to me that I could perform a useful service by simply trying to gather relevant facts about this debate. I doubt any facts are going to make me a believer, one way or another, at this point; I’ve seen too much already to think that there’s a simple or even a complex solution to this very intractable problem.

Nonetheless, over the coming weeks I’ll be posting bits and pieces of what I see, in what should mostly be bite-sized amounts. For starters, I’d like to recommend recent blog posts by two people who have demonstrated a strong commitment to facts over ideology when it comes to this debate:

Dave Schuler on the recent trade organization proposal to decrease price increases.
Tyler Cowen on direct payments for autism treatments.

~ Maxwell


  1. Icepick said,

    Who posted this?

  2. Maxwell said,

    Whoops. That’d be me.

  3. mileslascaux said,

    Glad to see Dave S. get a shout here. If you’re really lazy but still want to learn about the economy and how it went sour and how it can get its fresh back, you can just sit back and follow along as Dave takes his mental tool box to work on the problem.

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